Cassidy Bisher's song "1984" was selected as a semi-finalist in the 2016 International Songwriting Competition (ISC) out of 16,000 entries! The International Songwriting Competition (ISC) is an annual song contest whose mission is to provide the opportunity for both aspiring and established songwriters to have their songs heard in a professional, international arena.  


Cassidy Bisher wrote his song adaption of George Orwell’s book “1984” after reading the amazingly still relevant dystopian masterpiece almost 15 years ago. A book that was written deliberately as fiction has now in many ways become bizarrely factual.  

Are we leisurely, willingly accepting some of the paralleling principles Orwell depicted that were mandated on a planet still stumbling after a nuclear war? 

Watch the Music Video for "1984" below.


1984 Live Recording Music Video


Behind The Scenes recording 1984 at Planet Sunday Studios