What inspires your music?

This has always been a tough question to give an accurate reply. It’s so easy to be inspired. I’m moved every day by the minutia that surrounds me, but it never directly inspires the music I create. I don’t dwell on inspiration for too long, I try to quickly turn inspiration into work which transforms into the craft of making music. If I start to contemplate what “stimulated” me too much, I freeze and become incapacitated. I try to focus on the procedure of experimentation. I’ve never been one to wait for inspiration, I just shut up and do my work!

What’s been a career highlight?

3 Doors Down asked my old band to open for them at the Breslin Center in Lansing Michigan. It was a packed house. Why they wanted to play with an Art-Rock band from Michigan I’ll never know. It’s funny, our music sounded nothing like that band at all (Brit Pop) … but for some reason they gave us the invitation. 15,000 people, the vibe in the stadium and that moment of opportunity was something I’ll never forget. I didn’t want to walk off stage.

What motivates you outside of music – think people and places?


I’m motivated by the people I surround myself with. I don’t “hang out” in the traditional sense with friends very much but instead, choose to be collaborating in some form with a select few which allows me to thrive relationally. That’s motivating to me. Deepening your relationship with those you find a mutual respect and understanding for.  Every close friend of mine has a gift to the world and they certainly are not cheating us of their contributions. When you encircle yourself with folks like that, trust me, you’re fully motivated.

What are your plans for the future?

Currently I’m in the studio recording a full-length album which will spawn a few singles and B-sides. Planning on releasing a lot of visual media to compliment the music as the material is released over time.