My song “Underneath the Stars” just hit 100,000 streams on Spotify. I’m used to releasing material and having friends and family pat you on the back saying, “nice work” while the songs get lost in the “never being heard again” abyss that every musician knows all too well. It’s a tough pill to swallow. I was for sure this song would follow the same fate. However, 4000 people listen to this song everyday all over the world and proved me wrong. Never would I have guessed that Brazil and Chile would be where people would connect with my music. Lesson: you’ll find your audience in the most unlikely places imaginable… so keep pushing forward even when it feels like no one is listening.


Cassidy Bisher’s single, “Underneath The Stars”, is nothing short of hypnotizing. With a blend of influences, Bisher comes to us as the byproduct of both classic rock and folk, as well as contemporary indie, putting an interesting twist on an otherwise conventional sound. Harmonies bridged with a calming beat create a dreamy atmosphere, which is then skewed by digital production. There’s incredible potential here, and hopefully Bisher becomes an indie rock mainstay in the near future.