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The Log Color Wheel

This is a central part of crucial grading and harmonizing: The Log Color Wheel! The Primaries wheels can be tremendously valuable when you are trying to alter the luminance or chrominance of and slimmer video luminance range. This tutorial shows a practical use of swapping between primaries and Log wheels.


Download .r3d file and follow along!

Log Color Wheel

Log Color Wheel

Primaries and Log wheels can be used very efficiently together. While you can use the primaries as a means of determining tonal range and contrast, Log wheels act like an ancillary fine-tuning device that can further perfect the three luminance ranges. Log wheels are mostly applicable for fixing under or overexposed footage, helping restore detail in the high and lower ranges, as well as slight tweaks to the exposure and tone of those ranges without completely upsetting the rest of the video.

Jointly with balancing and matching, they are also commanding tools for generating diverse and inventive looks.


Fine tuning

After recording the Tutorial I went a step further and tweaked the water hue even more.
Sorry I didn’t record this process, but I thought I’d share!

Cassidy Bisher